MMS | Michigan Mycological Society needs a  LOGO!

Calling all artists and designers!

The Michigan Mycological Society is pleased to announce a logo competition, calling for creative minds to capture the essence of Michigan's fungi with a twist of science! The winning design will be featured prominently on our website and social media platforms. The winning artist will receive a generous payout of $150 for their submission. Entries must be submitted in SVG format via email to be considered.

Let your imagination run wild and help us showcase the wonders of Michigan's mycological world and science together! The deadline is Friday June 14th, 2024. We encourage posting your designs to the Facebook contest page but please be sure to submit your SVG through email.


Submit your logo design in .svg format to:


June 14th 2024


The winner will receive $150!

Ludington Campout 2024

We're announcing a RUSTIC camp out for our summer event in 2024!
Dates: July 12th - July 14th, 2024

- Setup day where people can come in and setup camp and there will be no "official" events.

- 8AM - 9AM Breakfast
- 9AM - 12PM Foray 1
- 12PM - 1PM Lunch
- 2PM - 5PM - Foray 2
- 5PM - 7PM - Dinner/Evening hangout/Camp highlights

- 8AM - 9AM Breakfast
- 9AM - 10AM ID table/collect specimens
- 10AM - 12PM - Goodbyes/Forays

The location will be somewhere in the national forest near Ludington, location exactly is still TBD. An email will be sent out to those who register the week before with the specific location.

What does RUSTIC mean?
- No bathroom (fox holes or BYOB)
- No Shower/running water (bottled water/filter)
- Bring your own food, water and shelter
- Make campfire food
- Yeah, you're pretty much own your own except company :)

So, it's not your typical mushroom camp style event, but bring your camping gear and lets go hang out in the woods for the weekend and find mushrooms and explore. Ludington has many different places that allow for great foraging.

Spring Mushroom Camp 2024

May 10th @ 4:00 PM - May 12th @ 1PM

Circle Pines Center

8650 Mullen Rd, Delton, MI 49046

With the arrival of spring, we eagerly anticipate the mushroom season. There's no better way to celebrate this than by joining fellow mycophiles at the 3rd Annual Spring Mushroom Camp. An opportunity to frolic through the words for community, learning, and exploration!

Spring camp is much less structured than Fall Camp. That means you get to pick your own adventrue for the weekend. Foray throughout the day with new friends and attend classes at your leasure. Most of the time those leading classes will eventually end up with you an a foray!

What to Expact at Camp:

Culinary Delights
Forays: group excursions for mushrooms
Mushroom Identification: learn how to identify and what to look for
Photography: learn to capture the beauty
Workshops: culviation, dyes, wines, etc
Rustic Camping: can you smell the campfire?
And MORE!!!

Circle Pines Center is centered on over 300 acres of forest so there is no shortage of woods to cover. If that isn't big enough, not far away is Yankee Springs Recreational Area with over 5,200 acres open to hiking, horseback riding, fishing and more. There isn't enough time do all the things you want to do while you're here and there's plenty of places to go looking.

Starting at $120 for Michigan Mycological Society ($140 for non-members) members, registration includes rustic camping, meals, and all activities! For those looking for a bit morecomfort, cabins and more moderns accomodations are available but limited supply.

Join us for an unforgettable weekend of fun, learning, and exploration. Embrace the beauty of spring, the excitement of the hunt, and the joy of community at the Spring Mushroom Camp.

Continental MycoBlitz Schedule 2024

In recent years, the idea of citizen science has grown a lot. What is citizen science? Citizen science is when members of the general puplic aid in the observations and gathering while collaboring with professinals. This allows so much more area to be covered with the help of the public.

This event is faciliated by mycota labs, North Americann Mycolological Assosciation and The Hoosier Mushroom Society. More information about the project can be found in the links below! Participants are allowed to submit their specemins to be DNA sequenced (as long as they're prepared properly, instructions can be found on the mycota website).

MycoBlitzs are a way to focus efforts of the scientific community to perform a short but intense survey accross the continent with a focus on fungi. People all over the country head to the woods to document and collect specimins of as many different species of fungi.

Participation requires printing vouchers, going into the field, photographing fungi and then collecting and drying DNA analysis. Even if you don't collect the specimin for DNA, a contribution to iNaturalist helps further the understanding of these mysterious organisms for everyone. For a more detailed overview see "Learn More" below.

Summer Continental MycoBlitz
August 9 – 18, 2024
Focus on genus Hygrocybe
MycoBlitz Summer 2024 Project Link
Hygrocybe sp.

Fall Continental MycoBlitz
October 18 – 27, 2024
Focus on genus Hygrophorus
MycoBlitz Fall 2024 Project Link
Hygrophorus eburneus, San Geronimo, California, USA. collected by Ron Pastorino


Want to be get involved?

We're always looking for volunteers to make contributes of resources to the club!